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TV-Review: Futurama Season 11 #1 – The Impossible Stream

Once upon a time, there was an animated television series about a hapless pizza delivery guy who got kicked a thousand years into the future… and despite two cancellations and living on several television networks, Futurama is still alive after almost a quarter of a century. While its bigger sister series The Simpsons has become old, tired and predictable, Futurama is still coming up with fresh ideas and the first new episode after a ten year hiatus that just came out on Hulu in the USA and Disney+ in Europe does not disappoint.

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DVDLog and the Future

It’s been over five years without new posts on DVDLog, but that doesn’t mean I have completely abandoned the site. This unplanned hiatus was basically caused by two main factors: not having enough time to write reviews and not being able to watch movies and tv series properly, causing a general lack of motivation to work on the site.

But I’m glad to say that this is going to change because some time ago I was finally able to replace my almost two and a half decades old Sony Triniton 28″ TV with a new, inexpensive 43″ High-Definition TV! Together with a new-ish computer equipped with a Blu-Ray drive and also an Amazon Fire Stick, I’m finally able to watch movies and series in an enjoyable way again. In short, I’ve had proper home cinema for quite a while now and the offline media collection has even grown by quite a few Blu-Ray discs too. Adding to that has come a triumvirate of streaming services made up out of Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney+ so I have plenty of high-definition content to talk about.

So, what does this mean for DVDLog? It once started as a collection of mostly technical disc reviews that slowly evolved into more in-depth articles about movies and tv series – and I think this is the future of this site. I may still write the occasional complete disc review, I may also uncouple the actual reviews from the technical parts to build an archive independent from the disc reviews. There is still a huge stack of untranslated German reviews around that will also contribute to this as well as occasional shorter tv show reviews. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue the news section though, because it’s a lot of additional work – but if something really exciting catches my eye, I might post about it.

DVDLog will also be renamed very soon – I will keep the domain name for now, but since DVD as a medium is now literally over 25 years old and may not be around much longer in favour of Blu-Ray and streaming media. I’ve already picked a new name that will focus more on content than on the medium itself and I’m working on a slight redesign of the site.

There’s no timeline, though – the new site will not be a firehose spewing content every day, instead I will just post something when I feel like it. But a few new posts are already in the pipeline and the first will go up very soon! Stay tuned… 


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