What is DVDLog?

DVDLog is a private and non-commercial web magazine in blog format, originally created in June 2005 out of the movie and dvd sections of Bibra-Online.de. Running the site is me, Guido Bibra, with occasional help from co-founder and co-editor Jens Vogel. We are not professional journalists, only movie enthusiasts who want to recommend all the great movies and television series the home cinema mediums are offering.

How often are there going to be new articles?

I usually attempt to post a new review or another article else once a week, but because I am working almost exclusively alone on the website and my co-editor is only able to contribute something occasionally, longer periods of inactivity are always possible. Sometimes I write about what’s going on “behind the scenes” on my original website Bibra-Online.de. If I have to take a longer break, I usually mention it on DVDLog, but pauses of two or three weeks are at the moment not uncommon.

Why are the reviews and some other articles linking to another website?

Before early 2014, I had been hosting the DVD reviews and some other parts of DVDLog on my other domain Bibra-Online.de. This split is an old problem from the pre-DVDLog days and could not be easily to be fixed – only recently I put all the reviews on the DVDLog.de domain, but the old files are still there for compatibility reasons. I have not corrected all the old links on the blog because I would have to make a very risky search and replace in the database. But there is no link- traffic- or content-stealing like some worried visitors seem to think, because both websites belong to me and are even hosted on the same webspace.

Why are so few recent DVDs being reviewed?

Because I have no studio contacts and do not get review copies, I have to write about the DVDs I buy myself and therefore only about what I am personally interested in. Because there are still tons of unreviewed DVDs in our archives, I often have a look at older discs when there are no current releases around. Since the site has switched to the English language, this also includes translations of older German articles. The focus has also switched from purely technical DVD reviews to movie recommendations on the basis of DVD reviews.

What’s this mishmash of English and German about?

DVDLog has existed as a German website until the beginning of 2013, when I decided to switch to English. This has two reasons: since joining Google+ I discovered that there are much more English-speaking people out there interested in what I write about, especially since I’m a proponent of watching original language versions. Secondly, I had grown weary of writing in German and since I have switched to English, I have had much more fun writing again. The switch also means that there will be more translations of older reviews coming in the future.

Can I ask something about a certain DVD or movie or suggest a review?

Of course! If the DVD is in the archives and not yet properly reviewed, I’ll take the recommendation – or if I’ve got no time, I’m always glad to give a short overview or a buying recommendation.

Are there going to be Blu-Ray reviews?

The DVDLog “headquarters” is not equipped with high-definition displays or players and probably won’t be for a long time and while my co-editor has joined the HD ranks in 2008, he has not much time for writing reviews himself. Therefore DVDLog will probably remain standard-definition for the time being, but I consider this of no great consequence because it’s all about the movies and series themselves in the first line.

Can I post your articles on my website?

Re-publishing anything written on this website requires our express permission, which means: please do not steal our content. If you want to use any material from DVDLog on your own website, please contact us for further information. Providing a link to DVDLog or any of its subpages is of course allowed, but please do not embed any images or texts. If you want to share an article on a social network, please only link to it and do not use any excerpts longer than two or three sentences without asking first.

May I link to DVDLog on my website or blog?

Of course you’re free to do so, there are no objections to linking and there is no need to ask – but a short message would be nice.

Can I put ads on DVDLog?

Short answer: no! This website does really not have enough visitors to make ads the least bit profitable and also it’s not even necessary because the webspace costs are not so high that I would have to finance DVDLog with ads. I also have no interest in partner programs or similar stuff – but if someone is interested in exchanging adresses for the links section, you’re free to contact me.

Can I make a donation?

This would be a premiere, but donations in form of DVDs or related items are, of course, welcome – but please ask before sending anything. Regular visits, comments and feedback and word-of-mouth advertisements are even more appreciated!