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Lost & Found: 500 Free Movies Online

Since I’ve decided to skip the Oscar coverage this year and there’s no new review ready this weekend, I’m going to introduce the new catergory Lost & Found for all the great stuff I’ve encountered somewhere on the web worthy of sharing. I’m probably not going to make this a regular feature, but once in a while there will be posts like this with interesting links, videos and other things.

Today’s find comes from the wonderful website Open Culture – which everybody should have in their Facebook or Google+ streams – and contains reportedly 500 free movies on the web. I must admit that I have not counted through the list, but it is utterly exhaustive and has an amazing collection of vintage and not-so-vintage movies from all genres, which are partly stored on Youtube and partly in other archives. Of course these are mostly not high-quality transfers, but in almost all cases still watchable, making them a wonderful starting point to browse for amazing movies and later look for better commercially released versions.

In addition there are a couple of other more specialized movie lists on Open Culture, whose contents are all contained in the big 500 collection: some of Alfred Hitchcock’s earlier movies, many Charlie Chaplin classics, a Film Noir section and even a couple of early Westerns with John Wayne. And for the current occasion there’s also a list of 33 Oscar-winning movies and short films. Unfortunately not everthing is still online – some of it has been taken down for copyright reasons, some are not playable in Germany because of the Youtube-Gema feud. But even with some entries missing, the movie collection from Open Culture is an amazing treasure trove for every movie enthusiast.

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