Lost & Found: 500 Free Movies Online

Since I’ve decided to skip the Oscar coverage this year and there’s no new review ready this weekend, I’m going to introduce the new catergory Lost & Found for all the great stuff I’ve encountered somewhere on the web worthy of sharing. I’m probably not going to make this a regular feature, but once in a while there will be posts like this with interesting links, videos and other things.

Today’s find comes from the wonderful website Open Culture – which everybody should have in their Facebook or Google+ streams – and contains reportedly 500 free movies on the web. I must admit that I have not counted through the list, but it is utterly exhaustive and has an amazing collection of vintage and not-so-vintage movies from all genres, which are partly stored on Youtube and partly in other archives. Of course these are mostly not high-quality transfers, but in almost all cases still watchable, making them a wonderful starting point to browse for amazing movies and later look for better commercially released versions.

In addition there are a couple of other more specialized movie lists on Open Culture, whose contents are all contained in the big 500 collection: some of Alfred Hitchcock’s earlier movies, many Charlie Chaplin classics, a Film Noir section and even a couple of early Westerns with John Wayne. And for the current occasion there’s also a list of 33 Oscar-winning movies and short films. Unfortunately not everthing is still online – some of it has been taken down for copyright reasons, some are not playable in Germany because of the Youtube-Gema feud. But even with some entries missing, the movie collection from Open Culture is an amazing treasure trove for every movie enthusiast.


  1. Tank the Hatchet

    No Oscarcoverage this year… hmmmm – to bad, I had such a nice rant prepared (about slipper socks and other things… ;->

  2. Sorry, I was too lazy and disinterested… and I don’t particularly like Seth McFarlane. And there was the problem of the still-frozen satellite dish I couldn’t turn back to 19.2°… the Oscars are not broadcast free-to-air on 28.2°.

    But feel free to rant if you like, although I can’t tell you anything about the Oscar ceremony because I haven’t seen it :-):

  3. Tank the Hatchet

    Like last year I’m less concernd with the presentation then with who won.

    Wat’ch’a do with the dish?
    Fry the motor?

  4. I actually mostly just watch for the show. The rest is just… show anyway.

    There’s no motor on the dish – it’s fixed at 28.2° but usually it can be turned a bit – but not when it’s freezing. But who needs German television anyway…

  5. Tank the Hatchet

    8th grade MS-quieters with mandatory JTY and penatenary carmechanic apprenticeship who only learned russian in school, miss there lazy GDR-life, hate everything american that consider watching RTL and reading Bild culture.

  6. Who where the what now? :-)

  7. Tank the Hatchet

    Exactly them.;-)
    FR: 4yrs prepschool, 4yrs @ The Point and 5yrs with the 101. made my 8th grade german english peculiar to the point that americans refuse to belive I ain’t and brits think I’m a yank.B-)