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DVD-Review: The Colour of Magic

This year is the 30th anniversary of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld – which does not really need an elaborate introduction. For this occasion, I’m going to translate my reviews of the few, but amazing animated and live-action adaptations, starting today with The Colour of Magic. This was actually the second of three live-action films produced by SkyOne and the british filmmaker group The Mob, but as the two original books, on which the two-part, three-hour mini-series is based, are the very first two Discworld stories, they are a perfect beginning. The adaptation is not completely faultless and makes some necessary changes to the original, but it retains Terry Pratchett’s very unique humour and is actually a brilliant and respectful representation of the books. The british 2-dvd-edition is quite okay apart from a very disappointing absence in the extras department.

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