DVD-Review: The Castle

After recently posting the newly renovated and translated article about The Dish, there is only one possible follow-up: Working Dog’s previous movie and cinema debut The Castle. This jewel of a film about the fight of an ordinary Australian family for their home was a huge hit in its home country, but it is relatively unknown in the rest of the world. With its likable cast of characters and a well-written script, the ultra-low budget does not matter at all, making The Castle a perfect little movie of its very own genre – it’s neither a complete comedy or a full drama, but very funny and thoughtful nevertheless. While I have only the older Region 1 DVD with the slightly modified American version in my archives, today’s post is more an article about the film itself than about the DVD. This review is again based on an older German version, but it’s a substantially expanded rewrite and not only a straight translation.

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