DVD-Review: Shaun the Sheep – Series 1

As a huge fan of all things clay from Bristol, I have written about nearly everything coming from Aardman Animation – with one exception: somehow I never got around to write about a certain flock of animals. This is going to change now, because today’s review, the first completely fresh one in months, is the first series of Shaun the Sheep! The spin-off from Wallace & Gromit has only been around since six years, but Shaun has already become almost almost as popular as every other Aardman star and in spite of its target audience, the series is not just interesting for children. Because it’s a bit difficult to watch the series on television, there’s only one option: getting the DVDs, which, at least in the case of the british releases, are highly recommended and not expensive at all.

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  1. Tank the Hatchet

    So Shaun went into Space now? Did it join the US Space Marine Corps?? ;->

    When you wrote “…a small space series…” I figured “Apollo 13” or something to be next.

  2. Nah, that’s just me being a bit lazy. Or busy, because I wanted to write a completely new review instead of just a translation. Although there is actually an episode where Shaun gets visited by aliens and one where he dreams about being the first sheep on the moon! :-)

    More space stuff will be coming soon, I’m going to translate and improve all of the spaceflight articles from a few years back. But I think I’m going to work my way chronologically up and start with The Right Stuff.