Archiv vom 31. August 2013

TV-News: QI returns with Series K

The autumn season on british television is starting earlier and earlier each year and I almost had not noticed that Stephen Fry’s and John Lloyd’s brilliant quiz show QI is starting again next week on BBC2 with the new Series K. The weekly broadcasts start next Friday on 22:00 GMT / 23:00 CET, with the extended 45-minute XL version now following on Sunday at the same time – but watch the schedule, the BBC often likes to stir up the program at the last minute. That’s why nobody had noticed that the “lost” episode of Series J (you know, the one with Jeremy Clarkson) was broadcast on Tuesday, but the XL repeat is shown tonight at 22:15 GMT / 23:15 CET.

You can read more about QI on the official website, which was totally overhauled and greatly improved last year and there’s also the Facebook-Page and the Twitter-Stream.¬†Fingers on buzzers! :-)

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