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DVD-Review: Cosmos

I would very much like to have written something about the new version of Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson, which premieres this evening on American television, but sadly I don’t have access to any channels it airs on here from Germany. Because my thoughts on the new series will have to wait until a DVD release, instead I’m taking a look back at Carl Sagan’s original from 1980, which I had already reviewed a couple of years back in German. Today’s review is an improved translation of the original article mostly about the series itself, but also about the low-priced, but still amazing British DVD release. I know that Cosmos is available on Youtube somewhere, at least in countries where it is not blocked because of the music rights, but if you want to watch the series in the best quality possible, this DVD is the best alternative to the still extremely pricey US release.

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