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DVD-Review: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Each year around this time I try to post a somewhat vaguely Easter-related review, but this year I have nothing new written or translated, so I’ll just do a rerun: Last year I posted an updated and translated article about Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which is not exactly Easter material, but has a certain cartoon bunny as its star. It’s also not typical Disney stuff, instead the story is more a satirical and even cynical take on the whole cartoon film industry paired with a hard-boiled 1940s film noir thriller. It was also a brilliant technical achievement, seamlessly blending animated characters and scenery with real footage, all done without the help of computers. While the DVD is now over ten years old, it’s still amazing in quality and content and since last year the movie is also available on Blu-Ray with all the great extras from this old Vista Series release.

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