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TV-News: David Attenborough’s Life Story

The BBC continues to be amazing this fall and winter. David Attenborough returns this week with a new six-part series called Life Story, chronicling the life cycle of animals starting on Thursday, October 23rd at 9pm British time on BBC One and a repeat on Sunday afternoon. This is actually fairly similar to his previous series The Trials of Life, but an update seems a good idea – David Attenborough has never shied away from embracing new technologies and the jump from 16mm in 1990 to 4K high definition in 2014 should be worth watching.

There’s already a wonderfully whimsical trailer available on Youtube and the BBC’s press release about their next natural history efforts also reveals that Attenborough also has three other one-off documentaries about ostriches, dinosaurs and birds of paradise coming, although their airdate is still unknown. He is also working with the BBC on a new documentary about the Great Barrier Reef – it’s great to see that his age isn’t stopping him in the least.


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