DVD-News: Red Dwarf XI is coming!

It’s been a while since it was announced, but now that the last episode of the new Red Dwarf Series XI has aired, I might as well mentioned it here: The home video release of the first six new episodes will be on November 14 in the UK and – probably because it has not been shown over there yet – November 8 in the US! The original announcement was a bit light on the details, but a follow-up with the cover design revealed the bonus materials, which do not look all that exciting: all what’s listed is Behind the ScenesDeleted Scenes, Smeg Ups, Trailers/Promos, Visual Effects, Model Shots and an Image Gallery – unfortunately not one word about a documentary or audio commentaries, which is somewhat underwhelming. The reverse cover with the design matching the older DVDs promises Over 90 Minutes of Deleted Scenes, Outtakes and Extras. The soundtrack is also listed as plain stereo, which is more than a bit surprising – wasn’t there a 5.1 broadcast mix?

We’ll find out when the DVD is released in two weeks – I’ve already got it on preorder and I’m not sure if I can do a complete review, but a blog post with a quick look should be possible. Stay tuned!

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