TV-News: Futurama cancelled – again!

About four years ago, I was really happy that Matt Groening’s other animated series Futurama had been renewed by Comedy Central after they had produced four direct-to-dvd movies. Now, after four half-seasons with together 52 episodes, Comedy Central has decided not to order any more, effectively cancelling the series again. Once again, I read this first on Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy Blog – and I can only agree with what he wrote – Futurama is not only a simple animated series, but amazing science-fiction storytelling that is completely unique in television history. This untimely cancelling is especially sad because the new episodes had become better and better and even reached the brilliant heights of the early seasons.

The remaining 13 episodes, which are already produced, will air in the USA this summer with the DVD and Blu-Ray releases following shortly before Christmas. The final episode has already been conceived as a possible ending of the series, so there will be at least some closure. Maybe Futurama will just take a break for a few years and come back on a different channel… the producers certainly haven’t given up hope and are already talking about looking for an alternative home for Futurama!

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  1. Tank the Hatchet

    This is bordering on “familiy Guy” terretory allready and has become a real life satire.

    I’m just wondering why they don’t find another network.

    It’s like back when “Buffy” went of the air and everybody saif “Angel” won’t survive and they cannceled it after one more seasson. When the spring sweeps came in the dopeheads at the network coudln’t belive that all the other much crappier shows that where new where outdone by Angel reruns and they started to mourn the show and wanted to bring it bakc.

    But by then allmost all the actors where commited somewhere else and even Joss Wheadon didn`t have time because he was deep into production of “Serenity” a MOVIE based on onther groundbreaking sci-fi show that those morons at the network cannceld – because they where to old and didn’t get it.

    A commone problem in Hollywood. Just look at the Oscars – old ppl making old movies for old audenciens that don`t exist anymore – exceept in retirement homes and artsy-fartsy gay opera-waltz-art shows!