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DVD-Review: The Dish

The flight of Apollo 11 to the moon is one of the best-documented events in human history, but some stories revolving around it are less known. The four Australian filmmakers Rob Sitch, Santo Cilauro, Jane Kennedy, and Tom Gleisner, better known as the Working Dog team, had set out to tell one of them: the involvement of a radio telescope in a small Australian town in the moonwalk. The Dish is one of the most astonishing movies about the Apollo 11 mission, telling the story from a completely unique perspective. Wonderful actors, a compelling and funny script, beautiful cinematography and great music make it a truly amazing movie. My article about the movie and the equally fantastic DVD  is based on several older German-language reviews, but it’s actually a thorough re-write with much new information and not only a simple translation.

This review is dedicated to two very special people: the Australian singer and songwriter Meri Amber, who has exactly the same wonderful humor as the filmmakers, and the American astronomer Nicole Gugliucci, who has a deep affection for radio telescopes of all kinds.

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