DVDLog on Summer Hiatus

Since the weather is absolutely not cooperating and the heat makes coherent writing really difficult, I’m putting DVDLog on a summer hiatus. I have occasionally done this before and this doesn’t mean I am going to abandon the website, just that I won’t be writing any major long reviews at the moment. The occasional shorter post may appear, but for now I will keep my activities very limited here. But you can always follow me on Google+ or Facebook and see what I’m up to on all my websites, although I’m only really active over on my photography blog at the moment. Here on DVDLog I’ll be fully back when I have re-acquired my writing groove after the warm weather.

1 Comment

  1. Tank the Hatchet

    Warm weather? You PPl are a bunch of pussies!

    The Mog, 1193: 60°C daytime, no lower than 20° nighttime. 30kg of gear (without weapons!), Sammies on Cot shooting at you left and right and Black Hawks falling from the sky!