TV-News: Red Dwarf Returns – Twice!

Somehow this completely slipped by me this weekend – the amazing british science-fiction comedy Red Dwarf is going to return for not one, but two series in 2016 and 2017! The announcement came on Saturday at the Dimension Jump convention and had also been heavily hinted at by series’ co-creator and current show runner Doug Naylor on his Twitter stream, which I didn’t even notice because I had no idea he even was on Twitter. Not much is known about the new two series, especially the number of episodes, but the return of the original cast and shooting in front of a live audience has been mentioned. Given the enormeous success of Red Dwarf X back in 2012 they will probably go back to a very similar and classic format.

The series will be again produced by UKTV and will be aired on Dave like the Back to Earth special and Series 10 – the BBC apparently does not want to be involved anymore with their former hit show. This unfortunately means we won’t be able to see it officially in Germany until the DVDs and Blu-Rays are released because the channel does not broadcast on the Freesat platform. Nevertheless, this is absoultely fantastic news and the lead up to the first new Red Dwarf episodes since 2012 will be very exciting!

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