DVD-Review: Going Postal

The fifth and final review in the series celebrating the 30th anniversary of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld is Going Postal, the latest live-action adaptation made by the british filmmakers of The Mob in 2010 after Hogfather and The Colour of Magic. This time, the script did not follow the book too closely and there were some questionable changes to the original story, but the movie made it up with an inspired casting, brilliant visuals and a perfect atmosphere matching Terry Pratchett’s unique universe perfectly. As a slightly alternative re-telling the movie is brilliant and fortunately the equally great DVD and Blu-Ray releases came only three months after the broadcast premiere.

This is the last Discworld article here on DVDLog for now, but I’m going to write something about the three adventure games soon over on my other blog. Also, sorry for the delay – I’m trying to do weekly updates, but occasionally time just seems to run away!

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