DVD-Review: Shaun the Sheep – Series 2

Back in July I reviewed the first series of Shaun the Sheep, finally closing one of the gaps in my fondness for all things Aardman. Originally I wanted to review Series 2 earlier, but varying prices kept me from ordering it until now and because of a lack of other options I chose to make it the last review of the year. I know it’s not much and not even a particularly new disc, but the second series even ends with some Christmas-themed episodes, so it’s only fitting to have a look at the continuing adventures of Aardman’s plasticine sheep. The BBC DVD release of the second batch of fourty episode does not have a lot of extras, but image and sound are even better than before and for a price of about £10 for such a nice boxset I’m certainly not asking any questions.

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With this little end-of-year update, DVDLog will be going into a winter hiatus until the end of January, when I’ll be back with more reviews and hopefully some other improvements. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone – as usual, there are some more season’s greetings over on my other blog!

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